Usually I have no problems choosing clothes for work: Being a software developer definitely has its advantages! My office style is usually quite free and artistic. However, sometimes I feel like dressing up a bit more serious than usual, for examples, during the days when I have meetings with top managers. How to look serious while still staying myself? Good question!

I got this skirt at a sale at Anthropology  Sophisticated ornamental pattern and bold colours — this skirt can be a stand-out piece in the outfit. Of course  now it is trendy to mix up patterns, and the best companion to the skirt would be an ornamented sweater or shirt… Good outfit for the relaxed days, but how about the serious meeting days? My solution was to choose a  traditional combination: Pattern  + black.

To make it a bit more extravagant, as I like it, I have added metal & copper chain earrings  by Huard Et Associes. Stylish and very suitable for any office day!

I love these necklaces by Huard et Associes.

Keep calm and be yourself!

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