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Pearls & Denim: Bead Embellished Jeans DIY (collaboration with FripeFabrique)

Look what we have recently done with Michelle at Fripe Fabrique! Bead Embellished Jeans DIY is our new collaborative project. We took a pair of vintage mom’s jeans and made them delightfully elegant. “Comfy turned elegant” would be the best wording to describe the result. We took an old necklace with pearly and charms, disassembled it and embellished the jeans […]

My new website is done, and here’s what it took me to do it

Finally! My website has moved from WordPress.com to a self hosting and got a new shiny skin! What’s Harder: Migrate a WordPress Site Or Use a Wrench? Thanks to a special import and export plugins the blog migration took me 3 simple steps: install an importing plugin, export posts, import posts. Done! It was all finished under […]