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Holiday DIY Shoes From Two Of My Favorite Bloggers

If you are looking for shoes for your holiday outfit and still have a bit of time, check out these DIY shoes from my favorite bloggers Kayla from Kayla Hadlington and Helena from Bells Fashion. The girls have quite different style, but both of them chose unusual footwear for this holiday season. Kayla transformed her old platform shoes into a […]

6 Holiday Outfits, 6 Stories To Share

6 Holiday Outfits, 6 Stories To Share

In this post I will show you a retrospective of my holiday outfits of the last seven years. Each outfit is special on its own and comes with a story to share. For me, it was amusing to observe how my style has been evolving with years, and I hope you will share my amusement. Dive in! Year 2008: Shine […]

8 Holiday Outfits From Christmas Fashion Lookbook By Fripe Fabrique

Now it’s the time to kick off the holiday season! I am happy to announce that FripeFabrique and I have prepared for you something inspirationally sparkly. It’s our new holiday lookbook: Gold & Glitter. We got eight vintage pieces, each beautiful and unique, and created easy and fab holiday looks. We wanted to express the festive mood of Christmas with a dash of childishness – after […]

DIY: Paper Gift Bow

Christmas is almost here! Are you ready for the celebration? I am not: I still need to wrap the gifts! This year I decided to go with 100% sustainable gift wrapping. I made gift bows out of old photo magazines and used package paper as wrapping paper. While making the bows, I also made a […]

DIY: Princess Crown

I made this tutorial for the SWAP Team blog. It was a part of the surprise Christmas card we sent to our amazing volunteers. The SWAP Team organizes clothes swaps all around Canada. We promote a sustainable life style while helping to renew wardrobes and save money! Want to join? Then sign up on this page. Sharing […]

DIY: Paper Snowflake Garland

After spotting a pretty picture of a Christmas garland, I decided to make one for myself. I wanted my garland to be sustainable. What could replace the paper napkins?.. Mmmm, let me think… Paper snowflakes! Made of magazine pages! A perfect project for me. I had hundreds of b&w photo magazines collecting dust on the […]