Safety pin and ripped t-shirt diy

DIY: Safety Pin T-shirt

Last spring, while browsing my favorite DIY blogs, I spotted many projects with safety pins. I loved the idea from the very first glance! It seemed to be super-easy to do, plus I got too many boring t-shirts in my closet. Here is the original basic t-shirt. I bought two boxes of safety pins at […]

Second Hand Rubber Boots

What is your favorite winter footwear? Mine is definitely rubber boots! Only rubber boots can protect my feet from getting wet while strolling along streets in a cold mixture of snow, water, and mud. Also, they make the look trendy when being paired with thick knee-high socks! Of course, the boots may not be as warm […]

DIY: Princess Crown

I made this tutorial for the SWAP Team blog. It was a part of the surprise Christmas card we sent to our amazing volunteers. The SWAP Team organizes clothes swaps all around Canada. We promote a sustainable life style while helping to renew wardrobes and save money! Want to join? Then sign up on this page. Sharing […]

DIY: Paper Snowflake Garland

After spotting a pretty picture of a Christmas garland, I decided to make one for myself. I wanted my garland to be sustainable. What could replace the paper napkins?.. Mmmm, let me think… Paper snowflakes! Made of magazine pages! A perfect project for me. I had hundreds of b&w photo magazines collecting dust on the […]

DIY: Stamped Denim

While it is gloomy and rainy outside, it is a perfect time to stay at home and to do some DIY projects! Today I will show a sequel of my  Bleached Denim post. Let’s stamp! My inspiration was these bleached-n-painted jeans shorts. I loved the idea of combining a bold black and white design with […]

DIY: Bleached Denim

This summer bleached denim was one of the hottest trends. Partial bleached and “acid wash” items give a wardrobe an unusual trendy twist, and there is no wonder why it is so popular. It looks very attractive! But do you need to buy a pair of bleached jeans at the store? Of course not! It […]