Start-up Fashion At Radialpoint

Start-up Fashion At Radialpoint, IT Company Where I Work

Marketing guys from Radialpoint, a software company where I work, read a Business Insider article about a “The Startup Guy” fashion collection by Banana Republic and decided to share our opinion on the subject. Let’s see what came out of it – now with my comments. Fashionista By Night.. Software Developer By Day! But first a short digression! As I said, […]

High Waisted Shorts Outfit: Lace And Colour

High Waisted Shorts Outfit: Lace And Colour

High Waisted Shorts Outfit Outfit Speaking of  high waisted shorts outfits… After finishing  Distressed Denim Cut Off Shorts DIY, I realized that.. .I am obsessed :))) I needed yet another pair of distressed shorts in light denim. Well, all my high waisted shorts are pretty tight, and I wanted to have something looser and more comfortable. […]

Dylon Flamingo Pink Tie-Dye Secondhand Shirt Upcycle DIY and my cat

Me And My Cat

Recently I have been shooting my new DIY on the balcony. My cat Masala saw me through the window and asked to join. I could not say no to such a pretty hairy creature 🙂 On this picture I am wearing Urban Outfitters teal sunglasses, an upcycled shirt, and my bracelets made of old necklaces. Masala is […]