6 Holiday Outfits, 6 Stories To Share

6 Holiday Outfits, 6 Stories To Share

In this post I will show you a retrospective of my holiday outfits of the last seven years. Each outfit is special on its own and comes with a story to share. For me, it was amusing to observe how my style has been evolving with years, and I hope you will share my amusement. Dive in! Year 2008: Shine […]

Project Re-FAB: Styling the ESCADA Skirt

Project Re-FAB: Styling the ESCADA Skirt

Introducing Project Re-Fab—collaboratively helping you re-imagine and recreate your unwanted garments. Here, at Fripe Fabrique, we love collaboration and hatу throwing away stuff. We got on board a sewing genius Sonia from La Fabrique Ethique and a treasure hunter  Julie from Julinthesky and decided to do something with some oldie but goody quality garments. This is how project Re-Fab was born.  Every other […]

DIY: Tie-Dye Bleached Jeans

Lost Spring Outfit

This year our spring got lost somewhere! The spring season will officially start in a couple of days; however, tomorrow we are expecting to get another five inches of snow while the “real feel” temperature is -12C! Crazy! To coop with cold and to satisfy my craving for spring, I have been wearing warm winter […]

Winter Outfit: Second Hand Rubber Boots And Lace Skirt

Rubber Boots & Lace Skirt

This year, the Montreal winter has been having a really weird weather. Sometime it was -20 with snow storms, and sometimes it was +10 with rain and thunderstorms! Crazy! With minus twenty outside, I had to put on lots of layers and felt like a clumsy bear. When it was warm, I did not miss a […]

Winter Outfit: Bart Simpson Sweater And Vintage German Hat

Colorful Winter In Vintage Hat

Dress For The Winter After going through the pictures of  my summer photo session, I realized how badly I miss colors in my winter outfits! I took a yellow sweater with blue Bart Simpsons, red pants, added my favourite navy blue coat and a brown vintage hat and composed this bright outfit. My motto is: Say no […]

Second Hand Rubber Boots

What is your favorite winter footwear? Mine is definitely rubber boots! Only rubber boots can protect my feet from getting wet while strolling along streets in a cold mixture of snow, water, and mud. Also, they make the look trendy when being paired with thick knee-high socks! Of course, the boots may not be as warm […]

DIY: Princess Crown

I made this tutorial for the SWAP Team blog. It was a part of the surprise Christmas card we sent to our amazing volunteers. The SWAP Team organizes clothes swaps all around Canada. We promote a sustainable life style while helping to renew wardrobes and save money! Want to join? Then sign up on this page. Sharing […]